Warning: Deep Stereotypes!

Once again, there is a storm hurling in my mind! What if's and maybe's please be seated I have got a notion to discuss! 'How deep are the stereotypes that 'we' conclude?' As I went far from my place I met people with different names! Faces that marked me with different conclusions, Each time they... Continue Reading →


"Broonie" On some days, I write words On others, I narrate stories! Here's a story from The days: When I was learning to keep my head held high enough to part away from all the glories! Somewhere in the course of my journey, I met this mighty friend I don't know what his name was... Continue Reading →

मन मंथन।

वैसे तो सब कहते है: सब तुझसे है और तू सबका है । फिर क्यों तू मुझसे रूठ के बैठा है? वैसे तो सब कहते है: सब तेरे रंग-रूप है और तू सब रंगो का आदि है। फिर क्यों मेरे जीवन में अँधेरे का पहरा है? कैसा है यह मायाजाल? कहने को सब तेरे, न... Continue Reading →

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